Post 5: Answering Your Questions

23 Oct


I am fairly new to this blogging thing, but the folks at WordPress tend to like it when you hit numerical milestones.  And I guess a fifth post is sort of a big deal.  So the truth is I likely would have held off on this post for a bit and thought a little more about what I wanted to say, but for my fifth post I’ll go ahead and answer a few questions that have come my way this week.  After that, I’ll hold off on post 6 until start freaking out about my biopsy (scheduled for Monday the 28th).  So here we go, your questions:

Q. What kind of lymphoma do you have?

A. I don’t really know.  Can’t even be 100% sure it’s lymphoma.  The truth is that they have not completely diagnosed my disease.  The biopsy should answer those questions.  My Drs. are basically going on the “if it walks like a duck” theory.  My scans look like lymphoma, my petscan looks like lymphoma, my oncologist has seen a lot of lymphoma, and this is generally what it looks like.

Q.  Wait, if you haven’t had the biopsy, couldn’t this be benign, like an infection or something?

A.   Yes, sure, but again it walks like a duck, and so a whole mess of medical professionals would have to be wrong—including a few that I trust.  So we’ll see.  Maybe this becomes a blog about miracles and making a colossal fool of yourself in the blogosphere.

Q. When will you know for sure?

A.  My post-biopsy appointment is November 7th. Stay tuned.

Q. How do you feel?

A.  Fine.  I have no symptoms.  NO SYMPTOMS.  This is both comforting and frustrating, comforting because no symptoms may mean early stages, frustrating because at times I can’t believe that any of this is true.

Q. How are Amy and Emma doing?

A.  Best I can tell, good.  Sadly, they’ve been around a lot of cancer in their lives.  (I refer you to my previous post: “So Much Friggin’ Cancer”).  We are all taking this day by day.

Q. How is it possible that you predicted the Giants’ potential after the first game of the season?  Are you psychic or something?

A. I know my team.  Also, I can read injury reports.  I have never had much faith in David Wilson, and when Stevie Brown got knocked out for the season….well that was that.  No running game, no defensive secondary, and, oh yes, no special teams play.  You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to figure this one out.

So that’s it.  Post 5.  Questions answered.  I will try and hold off on the next post for a few days.  Thanks to so many of you for reading, responding, and caring.


One Response to “Post 5: Answering Your Questions”

  1. Stephen Berer October 23, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

    Hey Reb,
    The no-symptoms thing is one both Nancy and I know well. Nancy’s guts were rotting out with appendicitis and she didn’t feel it, and my esophagus had an ulcer as big as… as my esophagus, and I didn’t feel it. So it means you have to rely more on machinery than the direct feedbacks.
    Sending love. Sending refuahs.

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