A Joke

25 Oct

Since I let spill with the whole cancer, thing, a lot of people have been hugging me at work.  This morning one of my colleagues, a young woman with an incredibly wry sense of humor, comes up to me and asks, “Why is everyone hugging you?”

“Oh yeah, uhmmm I likely have cancer,” I replied.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” she said.  

“Yeah,” I lamented. “I’m not happy about it, but it’s likely lymphoma, which has a pretty good cure and survival rate.  So if you gotta have cancer, this is probably one of the cancers you wanna get.”

After thinking about it for a minute she flashed this indescribable smile, at once happy and devilish.  “Well good for you!” she cheered, as if to say to me good job picking the right cancer, Erik.

I laughed then and I’ve laughed quite a bit since thinking about her reply.

Good for me, indeed!



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