Shake and Wake: An Unexpected Jolt Helps My Healing

17 Mar



If you’re reading this in Los Angeles you know that we had an earthquake this morning.  If you’re not in Southern California, we had an earthquake this morning.  My Facebook page is awash in reports of slightly frightened, slightly exhilarated friends who seem to be rocked awake but who, thankfully, remain safe and sound…Thank God.  Us, too.  The tremor (4.7, or so, which took place less than ten miles from our home) caught us in the middle of our Monday morning rituals, preparation for work and school generally performed in a lackadaisical half-waking/half-sleeping state, and jolted us to attention as we all hung tight and rode it out.  It woke me up in more ways than one. 

Over the past two days, I’ve begun to feel better.  My body doesn’t ache as much.  I tire less easily (though I still tire more than I would like).  And just in general I have a good sense that my healing is moving in the right direction.  I don’t want to make too big a deal about this.  After all, it’s not like I went a full fifteen rounds with Mike Tyson in his glory days.  People have had more difficult surgeries and surely more difficult physical traumas.  Also, I could be fooling myself into feeling better—which I guess isn’t the worst thing in the world, really.  I could be weeks away from where I want to be and just don’t know it yet.  Still, over the past five or six months I have taken to blogging about my health and how I feel.  I blogged about how bad I felt on Friday, and so I should probably blog that this Monday I feel a bit better. 

Still, I’ve felt groggy, a little out of it…like somehow I’ve been walking around in a dream.  Well, that’s not a problem anymore.  The earthquake shook me to attention.  It got my adrenaline flowing and my blood rushing, and it reminded me that other things can and do happen in the world beyond my health odyssey.  I suppose I should offer thanks for that.  And it seems I’ve found the perfect bracha (blessing) to do so.  Shortly after this morning’s quake one of my rabbi friends (I seem to have quite a few) posted a meaningful blessing on his Facebook wall which I liked very much.  “Praised are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, whose power fills the world…. But really, must your power fill the world before 630 am?”  It’s a fair question.

I hope this post reaches all of my friends safe and well (just had an aftershock, here) and not too shaken up.

Stay safe and stay tuned.


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