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I Live to Scan Another Day

9 Dec

Erik Hat

Good news from Los Angeles, my friends.  After a seemingly unbearable wait to learn the results of my most recent PET CT scan, I spoke to my doctors’ office and learned that he would not be in for two more days.  “If you would like to wait until Thursday,” the receptionist said, ” your doctor can contact you then.”

“Uhm, no, I cannot wait two more days for these results.  If they’re in, I want to know.”

And so another oncologist called me 20 minutes later with the news.

My mass appears to be a little smaller, which could just be the margin of error of the machine, but at least there’s no growth.  And the metabolic uptake, the hot spot in the scan, if you will, has gone down.

Good news!  And now, onto scantasia (our semi-annual post scan celebration) and to June, when we do this all over again.

Thanks to all of my friends, colleagues, and readers for continuing to support me.

As always…stay tuned.