I Live to Scan Another Day….And Other Weird News

Erik Hat


I got scanned today!  6:30 this morning I drank some really disgusting concoction.  Then about an hour later an injection of sugar, and then, 40 minutes later into the giant doughnut.  By 2:30, I had my results.  The news?  Good?  It’s hard to explain.  Depending upon how you look at it my tumor either got smaller or slightly larger.  Yes…you read that right, either a full centimeter smaller OR a few tenths of a centimeter larger.  Why the discrepancy? It has to do with the angle of observation.  I don’t pretend to understand it, and frankly, my Dr. is a little peeved about the whole thing, too. Which is comforting.

What does this all mean? Well, the good news is that I live to scan another day.  The bad news is that I am returning to the old scan schedule, once every 6-8 months.  I am not thrilled, but other news today has forced me to recognize that my status is so much better than that of others.  About midday today I learned of the passing of a dear friend, and just before I wrote this I learned of the premature passing of a friend’s son.  Tough day….tough, tough day.  Pray for and be good to each other, my friends.

As always….Stay tuned.

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